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Weekend Mass Times

Saturday Anticipatory Mass 4:30 pm
Sunday 8:00 am & 10:30 am

Saturday 3:30 pm
Or by appointment

Daily Mass
Tuesday - Friday 7:15 am

School Mass
Wednesday 8:30 am
September  - May

Centering Prayer
Tuesday 5:30 pm

Phone: 651-227-7669
1079 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105-3004

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My church is composed of people like me.
I help make it what it is. It will be friendly, if I am.
Its pews will be filled, if I help fill them.
It will do great work, if I work.
It will make generous gifts to many causes,
if I am a generous giver.
It will bring other people into its
worship and fellowship, if I bring them.
It will be a church of loyalty and love,
of fearlessness and faith,
and a church with a noble spirit,
if I, who make it what it is,
am filled with these same things.
Therefore, with the help of God,
I shall dedicate myself to the task of being
all the things that I want my church to be.